Welcome to my new website. This site is where I will be showcasing my artwork, and my 3D printing!  As an introduction, my name is John Honeywell and I am what I call a multimedia artist. This means that I mess around, with many mediums and types of art work! I never stick to one… Read More

New advancement in Huntington’s Disease Treatment

Relevancy   I am a full time carer for my grandmother, who currently is suffering from Huntington’s disease, and this post is aimed at bringing awareness to this new breakthrough. In this article, I intend to break down what this announcement means, and also what the disease does. Huntington’s disease is obscure compared to other… Read More

3D Printing Moneymaker! (Kinda)

  In the past year, I’ve been working on a small hobby “business” selling custom 3D printed objects to friends and family. I found that this had a lot of benefits for me, as a Designer and Hobbyist! Here’s an expanded view on what went well and what didn’t with my hobby!   The ever… Read More


Would you like me to draw or paint something for you? Or maybe even 3D model and print something custom! Well you’re in luck! This service right here will benefit you.  Commission Tiers Tier 1 -Paint a picture in Photoshop Tier 2 -Sketch some concept art ideas in Photoshop Tier 3 -Create a Logo using… Read More

My Best Art

This is the page where I showcase all of my favourite art pieces that I have completed! This image right here was only ever made because I decided to do an art swap with another artist, so that I could practice drawing women. I am happy with the way the image came out, but there… Read More

Trip to Japan!

This is the page where I talk about my trip to Japan. Together, with a group from my College Course, we all went to Japan primarily to go to the Tokyo Games Convention. That wasn’t my highlight of the trip, there were many other activities which were more meaningful to me at the time. Well,… Read More

3D Printed Gallery!

This page will display information and images of my previous designed 3D prints. All of these designs are designed by me. The focus in this image is the hooks that I 3d printed to hold my training sword. They work very well, and add to the aesthetics of any room! I made this a snug… Read More