3D Printed Gallery!

This page will display information and images of my previous designed 3D prints. All of these designs are designed by me.

The focus in this image is the hooks that I 3d printed to hold my training sword. They work very well, and add to the aesthetics of any room! I made this a snug fit so that the sword wouldn’t have much wiggle room to fall or move. This was a great first use of my calipers I ordered at the time, and it was a success!

This was a print that I made for somebody’s child, as his name begins with a C, I made this so that they can attach it to their door to symbolize his name. They loved it, and I was happy to help!

This was a design that was a bit more complex, as with the lightsaber came an object called a covertec clip which basically is to clip the lightsaber to a belt. I decided to use that, to clip onto the mount, so that I can take the covertec clip and lightsaber off, to then mount onto my belt when I make a Star Wars cosplay outfit!

This is a product I sell, it’s a custom 3D printed drinks coaster set, and these are every single one I have made so far!

This is the star of all of the action. This is the XYZ Davinci 1.0 A 3D printer that I use to create every single piece on this page! This thing worked straight out of the box, and this image is from not even an hour after I recieved the printer in the post. Working so quickly and perfectly.

This was my first ever design. I followed a tutorial in the program Fusion 360 to create my own “maker coin” as it’s something that many 3D designers do to learn the basics of the program. The specific channel that inspired me to do it is Joel, his channel is called the 3D printing Nerd, through this link right here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_7aK9PpYTqt08ERh1MewlQ

This was the first ever complex design I made. This was a pretty random science fiction inspired tank model, which I used to practise the mirror feature in Fusion 360. 

This was made to be able to clamp my webcam to my 3D printer so that I could record my 3D prints. This was before I ever had calipers, so I had to guess the sizes. I made it too small, that was my first mistake. But fortunately the sides of the webcam were only plastic, and cosmetic so I sanded them down, as you can see in the blackened sandpaper in the background! Please excuse my choice of sandpaper, at this point in time I wasn’t aware of wet and dry sandpaper, which is best for something like this as the sandpaper is more suited to plastics, as in this picture I used a wood sandpaper.

This is the webcam mount in action, recording an old print I made for my grandfather. There will be more information down below about the print on the bed in this image. 

This is the print that I was printing in the image above, I made this for my grandfather for christmas, as he almost traditionally used the word Muppet as a joke insult for everyone. 

One day me and my mother were talking about if we had a currency, what would we call it. And she said to me that she would call it a Pam, after her own name. One pam, two pam, three pam et cetera. Instantly that gave me an idea, and I decided to design and 3D print her own actual Pam currency. This wasn’t the main gift though, I made her the plastic coins for birthday, then I actually made a mould with food safe silicone, and ended up with her own chocolate coins. Yes, I made them as thick as the image. It took her months to get through them!

And here are the chocolate coins! I melted both white chocolate and milk chocolate and put them together to make a more interesting set of coins. You can do this too, it’s real simple!

This is probably my favourite design yet. I made my own dagger prop! It’s awesome, if you would like to 3D print this yourself, here is the link to the download: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2471532

I made this for my grandmother as a practise for designing in fusion 360.

This was something I was planning on selling on valentines day, but the quality didn’t come out very nice due to having to print it with supports, but unfortunately it looked rough. 

This is something I printed to hook my headphones to the walls. I found that every time I had it on a horizontal surface, I almost break it! This has helped a lot because the less horizontal space you have the less likely you’re going to make it untidy. This was also a perfect print for this black filament I haven’t used yet. Looks great! 

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