I am a full time carer for my grandmother, who currently is suffering from Huntington’s disease, and this post is aimed at bringing awareness to this new breakthrough. In this article, I intend to break down what this announcement means, and also what the disease does. Huntington’s disease is obscure compared to other diseases, but this disease is so merciless that we NEED to bring awareness to the charity and the recent breakthroughs. Please read along, and especially visit the link to read more about the announcement.


Please check out the charity that deals with Huntington’s disease, called the Huntington’s Disease Association . Click through to find out more. This charity accepts donations, it helps further the research for the disease. Donate through this link:


Breakthrough in Science



University College London scientists have finally found a treatment that may change the disease forever. Through an injection in the spinal fluid, levels of the toxic proteins in the brain successfully lowered. The first Human trial for this treatment was a huge success reducing the levels of the Huntingtin protein. In Huntington’s disease victims, this protein eats brain cells, instead of aiding development in the brain. While the protein is essential for development, what it’s function actually is, is unclear. But despite this, this treatment was a success in animal trialing, and shows promise in human trialing too.


This is a breakthrough in medical science when it comes to Neuro-degenerative diseases, as Huntington’s is a disease that is absolutely merciless. The disease eats at victim’s motor functions, slowly turning them into a state where they can’t move, and have trouble eating and speaking.


How does the disease work?



Huntington’s is caused by an error in the brain, when it comes to the Huntingtin gene, which makes the Huntingtin protein. Huntingtin gene is an important gene for development, but victims of Huntington’s disease have the same gene, which produces a killer version of the Huntingtin protein. This protein eats away at brain cells, so the treatment aims to reduce the amount of those bad proteins traveling around the nervous system.


How did the trials go?



46 patients with early Huntingtons disease were involved in the Human trials, and were all given the treatment. The trial was completed, and announced on the 11th December 2017. The announcement states that the trials went well, and the result “supports further testing in patients”. You can see the original announcement through this link:


This is an amazing breakthrough, and we should all be looking forward to seeing this disease be silenced by this treatment.