Goal in life



My goal in life is to become a great multimedia artist, that uses all of my skills in different ways to create awesome stuff that entertains and benefits people around the world. If I was to find a way to use this as advice, I would tell you to pursue your goals, but don’t forget about the useful skills you can learn on the side that may make your life even more efficient.


I’ve titled myself a multimedia artist because I capitalized on my biggest weakness, which is how quickly I move on from one project to another. Using this weakness I was able to recognize that I can work on many different things during the day, and learn many skills as I go along, and after a while, I’ll have honed skills that help me entertain.

Jack of all trades, master of none



While there’s the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none”, which in general seems pretty negative, I’m working towards flipping that, in a way that makes being a jack of all trades something that actually benefits you. Having small skills that can benefit you in other ways, can make your life much more efficient. Take this for example:


Let’s say one person wants to move into a new home, and throughout their life they’ve paid people to fix any problems in their house, before trying to fix it themselves. But they get into this new place, and these problems occur, so they pay even more money to get someone to fix it, as they don’t have the skills themselves. That money could have been used to help them fund their life goals, but instead they used it because they didn’t want to “waste time” learning the skill in the past.


Then let’s say this other person tried to fix everything wrong that happens in their house, uses Google, YouTube and other online services to help them learn. They’ve saved money, and this money could be used to help them achieve their life goal. Sure, sometimes they might still get stuck, but they might have learned something in the process. If they don’t fix it themselves, they can pay someone to do it for them. Either way, they might have learned an important skill that will help them, the next time an issue occurs.


Valuable Skills


Every skill I come across, I decide whether or not this will somehow benefit and make my creative career even more efficient. It all started when I took up 3D printing. I found that 3D printing is such an efficient thing for me, because it not only lets me create bespoke items and objects I could either sell or use to make my organizing even better, for example these awesome hooks I made for my wall to display items that aren’t commonly displayed!




Because of this, I’ve been able to make my life much more efficient and fun to work around. For birthdays and Christmas, I print something that means something to the person, but the most important thing is the development of 3D design that I’ve had, through this hobby. As you may already know, Video games development is one of the things I’d like to do someday, and because of this, 3D design is an extremely valuable skill to learn. 3D printing makes 3D design much more practical for me, and allows me to use it as an almost portfolio to show that my designs WORK.  Not only that, there’s nothing better than seeing something that you designed working extremely well in the real world. Seeing it printed and being able to hold your new product is extremely exciting.






Never put off a skill and pay someone else to do it for you, release your inner handy-man/handy-woman and just TRY it. There will always be times where an opportunity to learn will pop up, so make sure you USE that time and just give it a shot! You’ll always learn something, even if you don’t finish the job. And if you start the job but don’t finish it, it might mean paying someone to do it could be cheaper! You never know what kind of benefits will come up, when you TRY things yourself.


So go on out there, go to YouTube, learn a skill, and prove to yourself that you can learn ANYTHING.


You can do it.