My Best Art

This is the page where I showcase all of my favourite art pieces that I have completed!

This image right here was only ever made because I decided to do an art swap with another artist, so that I could practice drawing women. I am happy with the way the image came out, but there are many negatives. For example, the range of tonal variety is quite small. What I mean by this, is that the darkest places aren’t as dark as they should be, and same with the highlights. I also believe her neck is too dark and makes her face look separated from the rest of the body.

This right here is a piece I did at random, when I got motivation after watching an anime called My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia). I very much enjoyed it, so I had a lot of motivation to draw the main protagonist. It was also done because I wanted to practice the Cel shading technique, which was my original art roots, as I started off with making my art in vector format. I am very happy with the way this piece came out.

This was a piece that I also did pretty randomly, using a feature in a program called Clip Studio Pro. I used the symmetry ruler feature, which lets you place down a line that whatever you paint on either side, it mirrors it perfectly. So because of that, I came up with this art piece. I also decided to put it on a tshirt, as I felt it would be a great design. Here is a link to my Design By Humans shop:

This was a fun one I did a few years back. I sketched the character in the back (Nappa) first, without intending that it was going to be that character, and then when I noticed a similarity, I found it funny to make a Dragon Ball Z related image. I made both characters look odd, in a way that’s comedic.

This is my logo! I also made this, like the Alien piece in Clip Studio Pro by using the symmetry ruler. I very much love this logo and may keep it my logo for a very long time. This is also a t-shirt design! Check it out at

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