This is the page where I talk about my trip to Japan.

Together, with a group from my College Course, we all went to Japan primarily to go to the Tokyo Games Convention. That wasn’t my highlight of the trip, there were many other activities which were more meaningful to me at the time. Well, maybe that’s because in TGX it was so packed full of people that you couldn’t move a millimeter before bumping into people, because you were literally physically contacting like 4 people at one time from different directions; but it was still fun!

My highlights of the trip will be what this page is about

To start off, when we arrived, we had what felt to be a 30 minute bus ride to the actual place we were staying. We stayed in a district called Ueno, which was a nice little place, connected to many different great attractions.

We stayed in a little hotel called New Izu Hotel, which was comfortable, but small. But that wasn’t an issue, we just needed a place to stay, and it had many rooms to occupy the amount of students that came. Here is a picture of the view from my room.

Here is a picture of the westernized breakfast they attempted to make for us! Apparently this isn’t their normal breakfasts, they just wanted to make us as comfortable as possible. Apparently hotdogs and bread in cake tins is a normal UK thing! (In this picture we have scrambled egg, spaghetti and bread, it was actually kinda gross but looks nice so lets forget it was even bad)


When in the main road area, this is the view, this was taken at on the first night I believe, because of how beautiful the view was. I was on a walkway bridge that connects one side to the train station side of the road. That very train station is the one we took to go to Tokyo games convention.


One of the first things we did, was scout around at the local shops. There were local restaurants, the typical takeaways like KFC, McDonald’s and Wendy’s (Wendy’s isn’t around in the UK, so I had to try it. Did not regret it).

I will explain each task we did as simple as possible, and include images. There were a lot of activities, some that may slip my mind at this point but the ones that really stuck out are the ones that follow.

One time on the trip, we visited the local Zoo; Ueno Zoo. It was amazing, it was quite a large Zoo with many exotic and interesting animals you may not see in the UK. The most notable animals being the Panda, in which I didn’t get an amazing photo; the glass was pretty dirty and it was completely crowded with tourists and locals. I did manage to get this photo, though.

Here’s a collection of images that I really liked.

We have these posers

I really liked the general atmosphere of this image

These guys were very cute

I took this image plainly for the Tripophobia phenomenon, it’s such a creepy plant

I love how clean and crisp the water puddle is in this image, this is one of my favourite images so far

I loved the reptile room, it had many interesting reptiles but unfortunately the glass reflections ruined most of them

This guy looks like a boss monster from a video game

I love the colours on this one’s shell

This is BY FAR my favourite image. The quality is so nice, and it really feels like a stock photo. I love it

This guy was huge

This guy was EVEN BIGGER

This will conclude the Zoo section, there were so many images but not all of them were great quality or easy to see.

Another activity I participated in, was walking around the local area. I got these shots of the buildings and scenery.

This was a great view, showing the fork in the road ahead. The road splits into two, and it was amazing to look at.

This was also a very pretty view

When it comes to the convention itself, this was how bad the line was. Imagine this amount of people in the image, multiply it by 3 because the line actually bent around to where I was standing. I wasn’t even at the back of the line either! I know it looks like the line ends at the right there, but it definitely didn’t.

Here’s some pictures of the inside of the convention!




I was more focused on not getting knocked over by people that I wasn’t able to get too many photos unfortunately.

On another day, me and a few people in the group visited a place called Akihabara, which is a shopping district that has almost everything. This is where I bought myself a Playstation Vita, with the game Taiko Drum Master, which is such a fun game.

I didn’t get any photos at that point, because it was more about buying souvenirs and relaxing that I decided not to take my camera.

On another day, we went to the Tokyo Tower, which was outstanding. But because it was a more of a walking journey than anything else I decided to not take my camera, and use my mobile instead for photos. Here are some of the images I took of the view!



I apologise for portrait photos! Current me have no idea what past me was thinking.

As a conclusion to this trip, I absolutely loved it, and the highlights were other places, like the zoo, the Tokyo Tower, the local area and the shopping center called Akihabara!